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Created in 2012, as an association, Veston Léger becomes, in 2016, a collective of musicians willing to mutualize their energies and their artistic skills to promote live music, defending common values like creativity, the diversity and the quality of the propositions, the richness of the influences, the commitment... All in a long-term approach.

The collective is composed of multi-instrumentalists composers, playing on many stages in France and elsewhere as leaders or interprets. Thus, they participate in the evolution and broadcast of the musics they play such as jazz, funk, pop, world music, hip-hop, etc.

The association offers concerts, musical performances & various kinds of events. It currently represents the following bands :

Ultra Light Blazer (Jazz / Rap)
Maracuja! (Jazz dò Brasil)
112 Brass Band (Hip-Hop Funk Brass Band)
Roller Brass Band (Roller Skating Band)

It is brought to develop and support new creations, artistic collaborations and cultural actions...

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Cultural Actions

In addition to its concerts activities, the collective develops sociocultural and pedagogical actions, especially in the Centre-Val de Loire region.
It is important for us to participate in the cultural development in both rural and urban areas and to share various kinds of music with a large public of adults & children who don’t always have access to concerts & musical diversity.

In that perspective, the collective has already lead different projects :
Writing and directing music pieces for the Orchestre d’Harmonie d’Amboise in 2017 : Meetings with the students, discovering and listening to a rich Jazz repertoire, working on the interpretation of the pieces, concert.
Rural concert in Cangey (Indre-et-Loire) in November 2017 : Organisation of an event in the village hall (renting sonorisation equipment, communication around the event in the region, sale of local products…), with a concert by the hip-hop funk band 112 Brass Band and a meeting with the public at the end of the show.
Pedagogical & symphonic project in Herblay & Eaubonne (Val d’Oise) with the band Maracuja in 2015 : Writing pieces for orchestra and choir around Brazilian music, workshops to discover the music and work with the students, working on percussions and concert.

In 2018-2019, the collective worked on an important sociocultural project : The creation of two concerts revolving around texts written by young refugees. Ultra Light Blazer collaborated with Ammi Val d’Amboise (an association helping young refugees), Jazz à Tours (a Jazz School) and the Festival Emergences.

Maracuja worked once again on a Pedagogical & symphonic project with the Argenteuil Conservatory (Val d’Oise).

Finally, Veston Léger currently works on the realisation of pedagogical actions in region Centre - Val de Loire, developing different formats : Discovering workshops in primary schools (listening, introduction to music, discovery of instruments), writing pieces for orchestras and small ensembles with Music schools, music performances for children, cinema screening with live music…

It is crucial for us to put the music back at the core of the debate because it is a wonderful way to recreate social cohesion between young & older people, city-dwellers & country-dwellers, strangers & locals.


VESTON LÉGER est une association bénéficiaire du CAP'Asso, programme d'aide de la RÉGION CENTRE VAL DE LOIRE.
La SPEDIDAM est une société de perception et de distribution qui gère les droits des artistes interprètes en matière d’enregistrement, de diffusion et de réutilisation des prestations enregistrées.
L'ensemble Light Blazer est membre de GRANDS FORMATS, fédération d'artistes qui agit pour le développement de la musique en grande formation.


Laura Chabault
Booking & Communication

+336 38 37 37 93

Caroline Malaga
Artist's Assistant for Jonas Muel

+336 26 01 22 43

Jonas Muel
Ultra Light Blazer - Roller Brass Band
112 Brass Band

+336 18 43 59 96

Amina Mezaache

+336 26 06 28 33

Fabien Debellefontaine
112 Brass Band

+336 88 16 67 92